This is a testimonial to Joanne Routhier and her ability to connect with “Oreo”.  Oreo is an 8 years old Paint gelding that was difficult to deal with as a younger horse.  He was quite head shy, difficult to approach and working with him was, at times, a trying affair.  Riding Oreo was only a thought in the early years since he refused to train and shunned the saddle at every turn.

Joanne took Oreo on as a project of her own to try and turn him around from his untrusting state to help him be more trusting and relaxed.  She worked hard and diligently with Oreo multiple times each day to gain confidence in herself as well as Oreo.  There were times I personally had questions about Oreo becoming a trustworthy companion but Joanne persevered and with her training and never give up attitude, she eventually came out ahead.  It was a lengthy process but Joanne’s patience won over Oreo’s behaviour.

I had returned on numerous occasions to witness the change in behaviour that Joanne had fully elicited from Oreo and it was an experience that I never will forget.

The change in Oreo from an untrustworthy, shy and potentially dangerous horse, into a well mannered Loving companion, was remarkable.

I was witness to a horse that is now fully trained, independent and calm, both alone and with a rider.  He is now approachable in the field and curious to meet someone at the fence.  This change can only be attributed to Joanne’s hand on approach and patient demeanour to break through Oreo’s difficulties and help him to get rid of his conditions. 

Well done Joanne, you have shown great horsemanship to achieve the results seen in Oreo.”