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First off I’d like to say that it’s not easy writing about yourself so that you give the picture of who you are to your readers in order for them to get the real “feel” about who you are and what you are sharing with others and actually inviting others to a service you are passionate about and believe in so much from your heart that you know it’s the truth why you ask and how do I know ?

Well, it begins by the truth of actual life experiences I have gone through to get me to where I am today and here with you now to give a glimpse (because I’d be writing a book….hmm) of what I am doing with HORSES.

I was raised on a farm from the age of 4 and the only things I really connect with is living on a farm, with the openness and Mother Nature and of course what do you have on a farm… ANIMALS…. BUT TO YOUR AND MY SURPRISE I did not have a horse until my Uncle Maurice said one day  “she needs a horse”… and shortly thereafter came the horse and the story began…..


Joanne and Oreo

I never knew until later in my journey of life how MAJESTIC and WHY horses are such an attracting animal.  All I knew is I wanted the magic feeling they gave just watching them little own having the gift of being with them until one day again you have your own.

I was pulled to wanting to know more and why they give such an amazing feeling when you are around them, so I took Certification Courses along the way in Equine Assisted Learning.  I read and read and read and I went to horse barns and I went to clinics and I brought my own horse to clinics so I can always learn about them and have that feeling of aliveness in me just being with them.

Now I thought “what am I really passionate about” and I did a lot with my life and in my career but something just kept on nudging me and I was always pulled to Horses (and Photography), which to me equivocate to Spirituality.   So I developed what I already had within me without really knowing the gift of deep connection, more than the human 5 senses, and I put it all together and brought in ONE OF THE GREATEST LEARNING AND HEALING TOOLS………. THE HORSE

Ya see I’m an OLD SOUL and very thankful for this as I was born to be of service to help people but didn’t know exactly what or how.  I have a lot of experience, knowledge, education all wrapped up in a beautiful dialogue of my life that I choose to share with you all in helping troubled souls to find their true gift of happiness which is our GOD given birthright and to Love ourselves unconditionally.

Trust me I’ve had my fair share of pain in my life, a combination of grief in many areas, not only death but losses of self to a point you don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror, little own like the person reflecting back.  Thankfully I had enough left in me and with the help of a special person that recognized my BROKEN SPIRIT, guided me back up to where I was human again.

They say when you reach a bottom, a “top” is waiting…  the “top” for me is the gift of wanting to help those troubled souls and spirits that feel they have no hope.  Like I said, trust me there is HOPE as I am a surviving SOUL and my SPIRIT is back, which lead me to invite HORSES in my programs and photography in order for you to HEAL and  LOVE with JOY…your true self.  We take it “One Hoof Beat At A Time” in being guided with the Horses.

Founder and Empathic Intuitive Soul Guide

Hello, I’m Joanne Routhier and super thrilled you are here with me on this journey like you’ve never known.  I’m a passionate Empathic Intuitive Soul Guide with the mystical wisdom of horses. I bring my love and passion in order to help transform and guide you onto a life of such BEAUTY like you never witnessed nor felt in the process of finding your inner Soul’s compass .

My personal and up-close mission is to capture the BEAUTY from God that we were all given at birth but sometimes failed to see in our life’s path and now being redirected through horse wisdom and my Intuitive gifts.

The horse mirrors our present state of mind and wellbeing that we embody which directs us to the new path of wellness and to a happier life and fulfilled new pathways.

We all have it inside of us and we were born to live the life we are meant to live, empowering this realization with the BEAUTY through the lens of the horses’ guidance and bring those gifts forward with grace and harmony.

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