“Founded in honour of my sister Linda”

~There is Hope – We Are Hope – One Hoofbeat At A Time~

Double Beauty is a proud facility that helps people in finding their truths at a better life through the lens and wisdom and soul of the Horse that connects to your own wisdom which comes from within.

Through the equine guided programs we offer to those struggling that there is hope, there is healing and light in the darkness as you peek the bridge to a brand new you, a voice through the pain of your silence.
We create and share a space with the horses’ wisdom and soul  amalgamated with my expertise, in order to reveal and heal what is needed for you.

Joanne Routhier
Joanny Routhier

Joanne Routhier

Founder of Double Beauty Equine Empowerment

  • Equine Assisted Soul Practitioner 
  • Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach
  • Photographer – (Intuitive & Inspired)
  • Animal Communicator
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Intuitive Guided Healer and Empathic Communicator
Christie Flynn with Joanne Routhier

Healing with Horses Amplified by 2

Christie Flynn and Joanne Routhier

Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”

Like never seen before, Joanne and Christie have paired with the wisdom of horses, their unique individual gifts and beautiful personalities, to share with those searching for answers, healing and/or peace of mind.

They connect their own Souls with the horses’, to communicate messages and guidance that comes from the Spirit world and multisensory energies to a transitional sense of well being for each individual that is called to witness a safe and life-changing experience.

Be the courage it takes to make a choice in order to see the change you want to be and feel.

~Blessings to my Heart~

Dr. Glen Collard – Veterinarian

This is a testimonial to Joanne Routhier and her ability to connect with "Oreo".  Oreo is an 8 years old Paint gelding that was difficult to deal with as a younger horse.  He was quite head shy, difficult to approach and working with him was, at times, a trying...


Since we have met a few years back I have come across many people who are of "like mind" but you and I really click as I feel you have some real "self "experiences that not only benefit myself but also the ones around you. I feel you have the potential as a coach and...


I admire that Joanne has been fervently following her dream ever since, and what impresses me is that she really appreciates how the process brings her down both straight and (more often) crooked roads along the way. She peers down each road with curiosity and...

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